Weather Bomb.

iona art residencies

• Plates rattling on the shelf • Hail the size of frozen peas • Howling dog on the beach, terrified • Nets washed up the shape of a dead body • A robin in the byre sheltering • A dunnock hopping through the dog flap • Thunder rumbling like a base drum and lightening at 2am with no time to count in between. Today no phone or broadband • 6 visits to the beach • Waves the size of streets • Snatches of choral music reminding me that it is Christmas.



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One thought on “Weather Bomb.

  1. Deep respect , Anna, for the walking of your journey on Iona. I am deeply moved by your ‘last post’. How apt.
    I sense that this time has taken you to the limit, in all kinds of ways. I feel that this can only be reflected in powerful work.I look forward to seeing the art that has emerged from this powerful time for you. I’ve been working on some of the music, words and images that came to me on Iona’s wild shores recently. If you would like to continue a conversation about shared creative endeavour on Iona, we can keep in touch via email. I don’t have your address, but you have mine.
    I hope you find some rest, and joy back at home with your family at this poignant time. The Kings College service has the same effect on me, though for different reasons.
    with warmest wishes – Julie


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