All turn around…

iona art residencies

Anna left on Saturday trailing clouds of glory. Over her four week stay at Lagandorain she has produced interesting and fresh work which I hope will be the foundation to further exploration and development. She also survived what was a fairly shocking spell of weather. The temptation for me during these storms is to curl up in a ball by the fire with a good book and glass of brandy. Anna, however, was out each day painting and seemed to maintain her creative momentum up to the last. No mean feat. On Friday we had an Open Studio to which islanders were invited. Anna’s paintings went up on the walls, we served hot chocolate and scones and it was a great success. An appreciative crowd turned up and enjoyed Anna’s work and it was a happy conclusion to Anna’s time here.

There is a new resident artist at Lagandorain through to the end of January and she probably won’t be contributing to this…

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