Matchbox Museum.

Some time ago I was contacted via Facebook by someone organising an alumni exhibition of former students from the art college I went to. Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 17.41.57 Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 17.42.23

I decided it would be a good way to kick start myself into making new work after my elemental month on Iona and then Christmas. It is amazing quiet how small the dimensions are. I drew them on a sheet of paper to get a visual equivalent to an A4 piece of paper…..TINY!


Continuing my search for a subject, I decided to use this project to do some preliminary drawings in my quest.

IMG_2615 P1170094 P1170095

How then, to fit them into a matchbox?

Instead, I decided to make them into a strip of film and use the dimensions of the matchbox as the format with which to frame the work!

IMG_2969 IMG_2968

Apparently they are now languishing on the doormat of a house in Stoke Newington while the organiser is in Sweden. I wonder if my long thin parcel fitted through his letter box? If not the GPO are now the proud possessor of an Anna Raven!

PS It arrived!