A New Venture.

In preparation for my exhibition opening tomorrow, 1st May, I have ventured into the world of giclee prints and have initiated the editioning of three images, the originals to be included in the show.
Having been recommended to a photographer in Glasgow who works with a digital print studio, Norrie and I took the opportunity of a meeting to also have a night out on the town! We had a lovely evening and a delicious meal but that is not the topic of this entry. In the morning we found our way to a small industrial estate near Byers Road and the university; to a corner unit with the catchy name of Deadly Digital. There we met the owner who, with great patience, talked us through the process and the decisions I needed to take. We chose the paper and were shown lots of work by other artists, exhibition printing of both painting and photography and we left my work there feeling completely reassured that we had found the right firm for me to venture into the world of reproductions.

Several days later I was invited to return to view the proofs and then had lunch with a friend doing an M Phil at Glasgow Art School. On my return, the first five of three editions were ready for collection. The scale has been reduced to eighty percent of the original and the quality is such that I would defy you to tell the difference. JP photographs the work in sections and then stitches the sections together digitally making the final image very high resolution. The original is made of pure pigment suspended in an acrylic binder. The result is rich and matt; the giclee prints are the same and having been slightly reduced, have a resonance to them. I am delighted with the result and am now offering them for sale at a fraction of the price of the original.


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