An old friend

Packing this evening, ready to leave Eigg in the morning, I listened to the six o’clock news on Radio 4. You can only imagine my surprise and delight when as almost the last feature, came an obituary of a very dear old friend whom I knew before moving to Scotland. In my previous life I made gardens and lived in the town of Bradford on Avon. I met this lovely man when his wife invited me to make them a garden and they both became the closest of friends. Sadly Hilary died first and after that I enjoyed the warmth and friendship Dick generously gave; he was inspiration in many ways. His interest in education fitted well with my experience at a progressive school, somewhere he knew quite well. To remember him this evening as the inspiration to Professor Hawking in the week when they are nominating the best teacher in the world, was quite amazing!


Thanks to Norrie for taking these lovely photographs.

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