What to expect?

As Norrie sailed, I was lucky to fly and the plane was small enough that even with low cloud we were beneath it and so could see much of the land and seascape. I booked my seat well in advance and chose a window with no wing so had an excellent view all the way. The most surprising thing was how little time it took. Norrie was on the ferry for well over 12 hours and the plane arrived over thirty minutes early in less than an hour and a half, having stopped on Orkney along the way.


In coming to Shetland I had little idea of what to expect. I had done some reading and looked at images and had a vague idea that I was coming to a Scottish version of Scandinavia but as I haven’t been there either I was not sure what to expect. Yet again I am lucky to be married to Norrie. He met me at the airport having arranged everything; an otter outside the window, the builder finishing the bathroom, the fridge full of food, a great place to eat and made friends with all sorts of people including the B&B landlady. We were ready to settle in and spend two days exploring. It was an adventure for Norrie too because although he has been to Orkney and Norway, never to Shetland.

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