Fund Raising for Bug Life or “Saving the small things that run the planet.”

IMG_9286 2In a recent news headline we were all warned of the demise of the natural world and in particular that of invertebrates. They are dying out at a more rapid rate than any other life form and we are hurtling towards a world with few pollinating insects. Surely this will be the end of the world as we know it?

On hearing this shocking news I approached the charity “Bug Life” and offered to promote their work with the sale of my prints. Having already embarked on a series of tiles based on beetles I decided to extend my interest by designing a series of small lino cuts of the same subject, interested in the visual difference between one medium and another.

Within twenty four hours “Bug Life” made me a page on their website with a donate button ( and for every ten pounds donated, I have sent the donor an artists print of a beetle. So far there is a collection off four beetles but this will increase as I become ever more fascinated by the subject.

I have been gratified and encouraged to discover how well received my beetles have been and so far I have raised £430.


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