Autumn Sketchbook, tissue drawings.


3 thoughts on “Autumn Sketchbook, tissue drawings.

  1. Hi Anna, these folded books of yours are very inspiring. I’ve thought of compiling series of drawings in this way but haven’t done it. I like yours and you’ve got me thinking about it again, thank you.


  2. Dear Anna,

    I find your art and your musings in written form so interesting.

    I often come across them on my online wanderings at just the right time. Thank you

    There is a book I would like to send you. It is by an Australian artist called Kate Llewelyn called A Fig At The Gate, do you know it?

    Good luck with everything as autumn turns to winter.



    1. Thanks Sarah, That is lovely to know and very kind. No, I don’t know that book but would love to see it. As we go into winter you are going into summer but we are off on our hols next week and looking forward to it!
      Love from Anna


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