RSA Open 2016

I had another piece prepared for the next entry but due to circumstances that will become clear later, I have had to replace it with something else.

When I arrived in Scalloway in April it took a long time to find my way into a subject. Those of you who follow these musings will know that inevitably I was drawn to the edge and through planning some walks, eventually found my way into an interpretation of the place where the land meets the sea. This work was conceived as sequences reflecting the continuous line that coastline represents.
Over the summer, my other life took over. As I already do the many administrative tasks associated with running a business, it is not hard to change topic by a few degrees and also fill in applications. One of these was for The Royal Scottish Academy Open held every year during the Edinburgh Festival in the National Gallery for Scotland on the mound in Edinburgh.
I was delighted when both pieces submitted were accepted. One piece was made during my residency in Scalloway, the other from some time I spent on the isle of Eigg.

Rock Formations, Isle of Eigg, graphite painted with a heather brush.

Here are some other Shetland sequences and I am now waiting to see if they have been selected for another exhibition.





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